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Saturday’s #HAWMC prompt is to write an acrostic for my disease, hashtag, or username. Since I don’t have a hashtag and my username is a little long, so I could write one for diabetes.  However, my poetry writing sucks, has always sucked, so I thought I would spare you the pain…..

Sunday’s prompt is to spread the love.  To do this, I thought I would express my gratitude to several other bloggers on the web who helped me find the diabetes online community and feel confident enough to begin my own blog.

Christopher over at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia is the first diabetes blogger I began to follow on a regular basis.  I don’t know what it was, perhaps the fact that he was diagnosed as an adult or his fascination with CGM technology, that caught my attention, but I enjoyed his posts and felt a connection to someone else with this condition for the first time.

Thanks to a post from Christopher, I found Kerri Sparling at Six Until Me.  Kerri is simply amazing and most of her posts I can relate to as both a diabetic and a mother.

From Kerri, I stumbled on Linds at Living Like Linds.  Linds wrote a guest post on Kerri’s blog about living paleo.  I was looking for a new diet at the time and thought I would check out Linds’s other posts.  While I don’t follow the diet, I find it interesting to read about Linds’s dietary explorations and her intestinal problems, so much like my own, that I once again feel a connection to someone else with this condition.

There are others, too, such as Diabetic Danica whose videos were amusing and of great value when I was researching insulin pumps, and Ginger Vieira over at Diabetes Daily who always has something interesting to say.

Just reading someone else’s story and seeing similarities in them to my own situation is incredibly powerful in this fight.  To all the diabetes bloggers I say thank you for your courage and your voice.  Thank you for showing the rest of us we are not alone.

Finally, today’s prompt is to comment on someone else’s blog.  It’s Monday, no one has updated today.  However, I will suggest that you go and check out some of these blogs and make some comments of your own.