Yesterday I was having a lovely time chasing my nearly six year old son through Walmart.  My son was trying to convince me we should go to the toy aisle so that he might buy himself a truck.  I found myself laughing at the silliest things.  When the dizziness descended with a sudden furiousness, I knew my good mood had as much to do with over bolusing at lunch as the delightfulness of my son’s arguments for a truck.

The clerk never batted an eye as I pulled out my handy glucose meter while organizing my purchases on the belt and corralling my son.  53…lovely.  I grabbed a sugary Pepsi and tried to take a few sips as I loaded the bags into my cart and paid for my purchases…so grateful my ability to count was still functioning…fighting nausea and sensory overload, I took my son to ride the ice cream truck while I waited for the sugar to kick in and bring my sugars back to a more sane level.

Ten minutes later, sitting in the car, still waiting, my husband called.  Panic filled his voice as I slurred my words and mumbled about lows and Duck Dynasty t-shirts.  Thankfully, my sugars came up as we talked and he was able to hang up reassured that I was not in danger of driving into a ditch or being mistaken for a drunk driver.

So many reasons why I love this condition……