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Sorry!  I haven’t forgotten this blog or those few of you who follow it…I’ve been under deadline for work.  That’s over for this month (thank goodness!) so I guess it’s time to start focusing on other things.

#HAWMC is over, so now I have to find topics on my own….that should be fun.

Just a few things floating around in my head today.  I read that there is a new pump about to hit the market that uses pre-filled insulin cartridges.  I find this interesting as I often have a little difficulty getting all the bubbles out of my reservoir before connecting it.  It’s really not that big of a deal because they eventually disappear.  But it can be time consuming.  Anything that makes this whole thing easier, right?  However, the new pump only uses Humalog.  Since I have used Novolog since switching from the Regular I used in pregnancy, I’m not sure I would want to switch just for a little convenience.  Maybe Medtronic might consider a pre-filled cartridge with Novolog (please?).

And then I could always talk about diet.  It seems every time I read this one particular blog the author is ranting about the way other people eat. It never fails to amaze me how much time people spend obsessing on other people’s diets!  Like we don’t all spend too much time obsessing about our own!

What gets me about this one lady, however, is her obsessive idea that all of us Type 2s who do not follow low carb diets are fast food junkies.  Like the only carbs available for us poor, dumb, complication blighted idiots is hamburgers and french fries.

When reading stuff like this I just want to grab an apple and shove it in her mouth!  Geez, the girl needs more carbs!!

I always want to ask people who assume all my carbs (and weight) comes from fast food if they have ever tried to figure the carb count in a bowl of high fiber cereal.  Or a rice dish made with protein and vegetables.  Or a freshly cubed watermelon.

Just because I eat more than forty carbs a day, it does not mean they all come from greasy tater tots and slimy bacon cheeseburgers.