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Somedays I just don’t feel like writing about diabetes.  This thing takes up so much of my life that it feels as though I’m only perpetuating the craziness by writing about it.  But I have to remember that I started this blog to help deal with the frustrations and burnout that I so often experience in day to day life with a chronic condition.

I changed out my infusion set last night.  I find that I run a little high when the reservoir gets to the final ten or so units of insulin.  I wonder if this has something to do with the tiny champagne bubbles that are so difficult to get out when preparing the set.  Last night I had a lovely 289 several hours after changing the set, but it came back down so I guess the change did some good.

When I took off my previous infusion set last night there were some bruises.  I have never had that problem before and cannot figure out where they are coming from.  The site was on my belly…I always seem to have some kind of trouble with those ones.  For some reason, my infusion sets always seem to do better on my arms or thighs.  Strange….

It seems a lot of bloggers and message board posters are thinking about feet today.  This is the one area where I consider myself a very lucky lady.  I have a husband who has something of a foot fetish.  For this reason, he spends every Friday night inspecting my feet closely, giving me a pedicure, and using equipment given to him by our local diabetes center to check for neuropathy.  This is the one thing where he really excels in helping me with my diabetes care and I will forever be grateful for that.

Scattered thoughts.  It’s been one of those weeks….years…lives…