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Today’s prompt is Memories.

I have thought a lot about this prompt and struggle to find just one that sums up my life with diabetes.  There are so many.

There is the first time I had a low in the middle of the night.  I was so shaky, I could barely get any food into my mouth (never thought that would be a problem!).  Or the time we were camping and I had a low in the middle of the night with all the food locked up in the car.  (That actually happened on two occasions.)  Or the time I accidentally took a double dose of Byetta and ended up with the worst nausea I had ever had in my life.

One amusing memory happened when my ob hospitalized me to start me on insulin during my pregnancy.  The nurses clearly had little experience with diabetes and argued quite frequently with the doctor over when they should check my blood sugars and what they should ideally be.  But what I found the most amusing was their reluctance to teach me how to give myself the injections. One nurse cringed each time I inserted the needle slowly into my abdomen.  She begged me to stab myself, insisting it would hurt less, but I never could do that.  To this day, I still slip the needle in slowly, more afraid of the stab than the needle itself.

There is also the day I got my insulin pump.  I remember all the research and stuff I did to get prepared for it.  The day I discovered Diabetic Danica and her amusing YouTube videos.  The amazing blood sugars that first day…sugars I never thought my body was capable of producing.

I also remember six months after my diagnosis when my son asked if I had to be diabetic on his birthday.

And there was the first time I held my newborn son and had to instruct the nurse on how to check his blood sugar.  And the long sixteen days he spent in the NICU.

I remember too many highs that at first felt normal, but after a time with ‘normal’ blood sugars, how sick and weak they made me feel.

And I remember lows that made me feel giddy and happy, almost like being drunk, before the exhaustion and nausea kicked in.

Diabetes is such a part of my life, there are few memories that aren’t influenced by it.  For better or for worse….as they say.