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I was reading the news this morning and saw a headline that said “NFL Player Cut After Diagnosis”.  I don’t normally read sports related stories, but I knew the moment I saw this headline that it had to do with diabetes.  And I was right.

Apparently, New England Patriot defensive tackle Kyle Love was released from the team because he had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  That is simply wrong, especially in light of the fact that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and continues to play despite his condition.

It is frustrating to live with this condition.  It is frustrating to have to check your blood sugar multiple times a day, to have to predict where your blood sugar will be after exercise or a particularly heavy meal.  It is frustrating not to be able to eat like everyone else, to simply nourish the body without thinking about its impact on blood sugar.  And it is frustrating to be told you can’t do something because of a medical condition that can be managed.

No one should be punished for a medical condition that we did not bring on ourselves.  People need to stop believing the media bull and start doing a little research.  Someone with type 2 diabetes can play football just as well as anyone else.  Perhaps even better since his focus on exercise and nutrition will be much different than someone without diabetes.

Hopefully there is another NFL team out there who can better support their team members….good luck, Kyle Love.