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I was doing my usual reading around the blogosphere this morning, as well as several message boards on some popular diabetes sites.  One of the messages on a message board was a person talking about how eating low carb has negatively affected his health, both mentally and physically.  Unfortunately, I was not surprised by the responses he got.

I think some people on these diabetes sites forget that our purpose is to offer personal experience and support, not to give medical advice.  Just because low carb may work for some people, that does not make it a cure-all for every person in the world who has type 2 diabetes.  Yes, carbs play a major role in the management of blood sugar.  Yes, eating as few carbs as possible can help control type 2 diabetes, sometimes allowing the patient to stop all medications if the diet is adhered to.  However, the level of carbs eaten is an individual decision based on the way each person’s body responds to the restriction of this essential part of the human diet.

To all those message board members who told this person that he should stick with it or expect complications in the future I would like to say the following:

I am glad low carb works for you.  But it clearly does not work for this person.  Please offer encouragement instead of criticism.  We are all fighting the daily struggle with this condition and none of us wants to feel judged, especially when reaching out for support.

Like my mother always told me, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.