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Today’s Diabetes Blog Week prompt is if you could trade diseases, which would you choose?

Does it have to be a disease?  Could I simply choose to have no condition at all and just be a healthy, middle aged woman?  And which of my conditions do I trade?  Diabetes? Hypothyroidism? High blood pressure?  Gastroparesis?

I have read some really insightful responses to this prompt today, most of which the blogger has chosen not to trade diseases with anyone.  One lady talks very insightfully about hemophilia, another about thyroid disease.  And one guy suggests that none of us should judge another disease least we be judged.  I like that.

I can’t help but think about my son when I think of this prompt.  My son just recently recovered from a nearly year long struggle with MDS.  I remember him comparing his illness to my diabetes at one point, joking about how we both had to deal with chronic illness.  At the time, I remember thinking that I would rather his illness was mine, to take that burden from him.  As a parent, you would rather suffer yourself than see your child suffering.

I would not wish my diabetes on anyone.  Therefore, I would hope no one with a chronic illness would wish their illness on me.

We all struggle.  The only difference is in the details.