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I apologize to all my loyal readers for not posting here recently.  The last few weeks of the month are always crazy for me as I try to make deadlines for my freelance work.

Not much is happening in my diabetes world.  I haven’t even had time to visit most of my favorite blogs.  I did, however, go to the doctor last week.  That was an interesting experience.  My doctor’s office is a teaching office, which means I occasionally am seen by a doctor or physician’s assistant in training.  This time it was a very young, very handsome PA.  Usually these doctors (or PA) in training think they know everything and will actually argue with me over my diabetes care – as though reading about it in a book makes them more of an expert than living it every day.  But this young man was very kind and sympathetic.  He’ll make an amazing PA someday.

The visit was basically routine otherwise.  I did learn that my kidneys are releasing too much protein – something we have been watching for several years.  Not enough to warrant concern, but enough to continue to keep an eye on.  With each of my pregnancies I became pre-eclamptic, that also caused my kidneys to spill protein.  So I’ve always kind of thought that if I have complications, it would be the kidneys.  Knock on wood that the next test comes back the same or with less protein than before.

Anyway, my doctor talked about how much progress I have made and how proud he is of me.  That made me happy.  He did jump on me about my weight, something that has become something of a running joke between us.  I would love to lose weight.  I would love to look like a supermodel.  Don’t think either one is going to happen any time soon.

Have you ever tried to lose weight while taking 120 units of insulin a day?