Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on this blog before, but the local school district is about to make an offer to buy our house.  We have already had the appraisal done and are just waiting for the next step.  We expect we will have to be out of the house by the end of summer.

It’s sad, really.  We bought this house thirteen years ago when our daughter was only a year old.  It is the only home she has ever known.  And we thought we would live here till we died, or became so old we had to go to a nursing home. 

There is an oil boom going on in the town where we live.  The housing prices are through the roof.  We paid less than thirty thousand for our house thirteen years ago, but expect to get more than sixty for it now.  A comparable house just sold for over one hundred thousand dollars down the street.  There is no way we will be able to afford to buy a house here.

So now we are faced with the reality of either moving to a new town or finding another solution.

My husband wants to buy an RV and travel the country.

I have to say, the idea is intriguing.  I worry about the kids, though I don’t think homeschoolng would be a problem.  And I worry about money.

Of course, I also worry about my diabetes.

Private health insurance is expensive.  And I get most of my supplies through a mail order company.  Where will they send them if we are constantly moving?  Then I worry about my pump.  What if a new company won’t cover the expense for some reason?  What if I have a medical emergency on the road?  What if I can’t make it back here for my doctor’s appointments?

It is a difficult decision to make.