I love my pump.  It makes it so much easier to bolus for unexpected things, like eating more at dinner than planned, or having an unplanned snack, or going out to dinner spontaneously.  With injections, there is a certain amount of planning one must do, such as remembering to grab an insulin vial and syringe whenever leaving the house for a night out.  The pump eliminates that.

Unfortunately, with a pump, you can never forget diabetes.

With MDI, you can go hours without thinking about your diabetes as long as you aren’t eating or having a high.  With the pump, its always there.  Always.

You ever have those days when you would rather just forget about meal planning, taking medications, or worrying about highs and lows?  Ever have a day when all you do is bolus for a meal and forget it?  Those days when you check your blood sugar maybe once or twice, not five to ten times?

Can’t do that with a pump.

Its there, no matter what.  The tubing gets in the way when you get dressed or use the bathroom.  The alarms go off in the middle of the night to remind you of a low reservoir or when you forget to bolus during a set time period.


Sometimes there is a down side to advances in technology.