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I had to change my infusion set in the middle of a restaurant on Friday. 

As I waited for the food to be brought to our table, I programmed my bolus into the pump and almost immediately got a No Delivery warning.  I had seen one of these alerts once or twice, but usually restarting the delivery fixes it.  Not this time.  Instead, I discovered that my infusion set had become unstuck from my thigh and was barely attached.

I’ve never replaced the infusion set without replacing the reservoir.  It was a learning experience.

That was two infusion sets ago.  Last night, the set I put on quickly in the restaurant fell off before my bath and I had to replace it.  And this is what happened:



I have never had bruising like this around an infusion site before.  It hurt some when I put it in, but that is not unusual.  Sometimes the site can be quite sore for a few hours, or become sore on the second day.   I have no idea what caused this, but I guess I should be happy it didn’t bleed into the cannula and tubing like I have seen pictures of on other blogs.

Everyday is an adventure with diabetes.