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So, things have been quite busy around here.  Most of you who follow this blog know that my son is getting married in less than two weeks.  The wedding is in another state, his fiancee’s home state, so it will require quite a bit of travel.  My husband and I live like most middle class Americans these days, paycheck to paycheck, so it has been a bit of a struggle to save up the money for this trip.  In fact, we had a yard sale just this weekend to try to add to our coffers.  I do not recommend it.  We had one buying customer and only made $90.  But then we listed the rest of the stuff on Craiglist and made the same amount in less than twenty-four hours.  Yeah, Craiglist!

So anyway, we are out of here after the fourth…first vacation of this kind in twenty years of marriage.  Two weeks of long hours in the car with a fourteen year old and six year old, not to mention the sometimes childish fifty-three year old.  And meeting the in-laws, attending stuffy parties that are really not our style, and visiting places we have always wanted to see, such as Vegas and Alcatraz.  I’m cautiously excited.

I worry some about my diabetes.  I will be doing the bulk of the driving, so I worry about lows.  I have never had a low on such a trip before, but have never gone for more than a few days at a time.  Not sure if I should adjust my basals or not…maybe just play it by ear.  The food will probably be bad, not a lot of fresh fruit available at fast food restaurants (though some have begun to offer apples!).  Hopefully I will find some decent options that won’t make me go too high.

My biggest concern is my gastroparesis symptoms.  Eating a lot of fatty foods, or salads, will cause symptoms.  These are exactly the kinds of foods we will most likely be eating most of the time.  The last time we went on a car trip, I was sick all the first day.  Don’t want to be sick for two weeks, especially with five to seven hundred miles a day to covers some days.  Could make a fun trip quite miserable….

No news on the house front.  We had our house appraised by the school district’s appraiser over six weeks ago, but still have not heard anything.  All this hurry up and wait is not good on the stress level.  My daughter is very upset about the whole thing.  This is the only home she remembers as we moved in when she was only a year old.  And the idea that we might have to move after school starts in the fall really upsets her, since the only thing we know for sure is that we will not be able to afford a house in this city since the oil boom has raised house prices astronomically (even rent is ten times what we can afford).  So its like living with that proverbial sword over our heads.

Avoid stress?  How do you do that?