One of the bloggers I read regularly just learned she has a complication related to her diabetes.  In her blog post announcing this, she tackles the idea that poor sugar control is the only thing that leads to diabetes complications.  I’m glad someone out there is talking about this issue.

When I was first told that I might have gastroparesis, I went to the Internet to find information on this diabetes related complication.  I found very little.  Most people are afraid to talk about diabetes complications–I guess with the theory if you talk about it, it makes it real.  What little I did find was usually a lecture about how poorly controlled diabetes is the cause of all diabetes related complications.

Now I have substantial proof that that is not true.

When you are newly diagnosed with a complication, the last thing you need is for some article that pretends to be for the purpose of helping you deal with that complication to tell you first what a loser you are for getting the complication in the first place.

Let’s be really clear about this:  You cannot give yourself diabetes.  And sometimes complications just happen.

We are all afraid.

That is not a reason to make things worse by playing the blame game.