I was cruising the internet the other night, trying to avoid the work that has been piling up.  (I’m a procrastinator through and through, not helpful when you work from home and have a chronic illness!!)  I came across this website where you could take a quiz to see if you are a hypochondriac.  I like to take silly quizzes, so I thought, why not?

The quiz asked questions like:

do you often visit medical websites?

do you often talk about how your body feels?

have you ever changed doctors because you are not getting the responses you think you should?

do you stress over new symptoms?

In the end, the quiz told me that I was a hypochondriac and should seek psychiatric help as soon as possible.

This got me to thinking.  How big of a difference is there between someone with a chronic condition and a hypochondriac? 

Fear is a big part of diabetes.  There is this constant watch for symptoms of complications.  No one wants to be that diabetic who had to have their feet amputated or lost their sight.  So does being watchful, being ultra-aware of our bodies, make us hypochondriacs?