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I have been so crazy these last few weeks, trying to find a new house, dealing with real estate people, trying to stay on top of my diabetes, that I have not had time to even visit this blog let alone write anything new.  So this morning I finally have a few minutes and discover I have a couple of comments to approve.  One is spam….of course, but one is exactly what I needed to hear.

When someone says, take it one day at a time, it just sounds dumb.  How do you take things one day at a time when it all just piles up on you?  Each day it seems like something new has come to mess up all the ground work you’ve laid over the last few days.  That’s how it’s been for us these past few weeks.  We signed the papers to sell our house and learn we need to have somewhere to go in thirty days.  We quickly sign papers on another house only to be told that the closing on our house might be pushed back even though we are counting on the money from the sale to close on the other house.  It’s enough to make the world spin out of control.

One day at a time.

I have a new appreciation for what that means.  We can’t allow all the what ifs and what might be overwhelm us.  Okay, if the closing on this house does not go off as planned, we simply contact all the parties involved in the other house and explain the situation.   And so what if my husband has to quit his job and we have to pay cobra for a while to cover my medical expenses.  It hasn’t happened yet.  We don’t know how long it will take for him to get a new job.  It could be days, it could be weeks.  The point is, there is cobra.  There are options.  We don’t have to panic.  Yet.

One day at a time.

Its the same with my diabetes.  One day my numbers are soaring, there are ketones and infusion site problems and stomach issues and any number of symptoms that could lead to something else.  The next day, everything is where it should be, good numbers, no ketones, perfect infusions sites.

I need to learn to focus on today, not worry as much about what the future will bring.  I need to remember that this condition is an ever changing thing, a creature that responds to my level of stress.  That I need to remember that I cannot control everything.

So thank you to that kind person who took the time to remind me.

One day at a time.