Moving is one of the most difficult things I think I have ever done.  It’s not just the packing and unpacking, the logistics of making sure everything is turned on at the new house, everything turned off at the old, or the packing of a truck that is about three sizes smaller that what is required.  Its the emotional strain on the entire family, the leaving behind of everything you have ever known, the separation from friends and family.  Its a complete severing of the life you have built.

As you know, we were forced to move when the school district in our city passed a bond to expand both the high schools to allow space to convert from a junior high system (7th, 8th, and 9th in one school) to a middle school system (moving 6th graders to jr high and 9th graders to the high school).  We were unlucky enough to live right behind the oldest high school, right where they wanted to build a new science building.  With the oil boom going on in our city, we were unable to find suitable housing in the area.  For this reason, we bought a house 120 miles away…a fully paid off house.

The move itself was tough.  Things should be settling down now, three weeks later.  But somehow they are not.

My husband was born and raised in the city where we lived.  Except for a few years in high school when he moved to Wyoming with his father, he has always lived there.  Moving away has caused him to struggle.  My daughter, too, has only known that one city, that one house.  Last week she had a complete meltdown and refused to go to school.

I have kept myself busy, rushing around to get everything unpacked so that this will feel more like home.  Somehow it has had a surreal feeling about it, almost like this is temporary and soon we will be home.  But this is home now….

To add to our stress, my husband had to quit his job just fifteen months from retirement.  We lost more than half our income and our health insurance.

Diabetes does not allow for such large life changes.  Diabetes does not sit around and wait until we can find new insurance.  Diabetes is demanding and always begging for attention.

How am I supposed to handle all of this and deal with diabetes?