So, I haven’t posted in a while.  Most of you who read my blog regularly know that I moved from my home of more than twenty years to a new town after the local school district bought our house.  In some ways, this move has been really good for me and my family.  My daughter is out of the big city school system and enjoying the uniqueness of a small town school.  My youngest child has more space to play and, till recently, more attention from his temporarily unemployed dad.  But it has also caused some difficulties.

My husband had to quit a job he had had for over eighteen years in order to make this move.  That means that not only did he have to give up the amazing insurance coverage that came with the job (health, life, disability), but he also had to give up a job that paid significantly higher than most comparable jobs in this area.  Which means, he has gone from $14 an hour to $8.  All this for the same, basic job and the same aggravations.

We had money for a while, but furnishing a new home, especially with new appliances, is expensive.  So is repairing a fifty year old fence, refinishing the front door, and replacing a whole section of the sewer line.  Moving is so much more expensive than just buying a new house!

Now I am left with just the few supplies I managed to hoard before we moved.  In ten days I will be out of Novolog.  The only option I have at this point (since our new insurance does not begin until February 1) is to use Walmart’s Relion Novolin R.  My doctor assures me that this is doable, but I will have to change the way I bolus for meals.  I have been on Novolog for six years, even before the pump, so this makes me nervous. 

It is times like this when I wish I knew another diabetic and could call them up with all the questions, fears, and frustrations I have.  I don’t know any diabetics personally even though I know there are so very many of us out there.  So, instead, I turn to the Internet and to anyone who might be listening to my rantings on this blog/diary. 

Thank you for reading my crazy rantings.  Thank you for your amazing, kind comments.  Thank you for letting me know I am not alone.