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So, when we moved, we lost our health insurance.  That is not fun with diabetes.  Or with two kids. 

In anticipation of losing the health insurance, I bought as much of each of my medications and supplies as I could.  When we arrived, I had three months worth of insulin and four months worth of infusion sets.  Unfortunately, you cannot anticipate with diabetes how much stress will impact your condition.  And moving is incredibly stressful.  Needless to say, a little less than three months after the move, I ran out of insulin.

Do you know how much it costs to buy Novolog without insurance?  Trust me, it makes those insurance premiums look like pocket change in comparison.


I’ve been using Walmart’s Relion Novolin R.

You really do not appreciate how far insulins have come until you go back and use one of the older ones.  Especially with a pump.

I don’t know about other pump users, but I’ve become kind of spoiled by being able to adjust my insulin by tiny increments all day long, to treat highs with a push of the button, of being reminded to bolus when my mind is on something else.  Unfortunately, with a regular insulin like I’ve been using, these things are not as convenient as they were with Novolog.

Novolin R simply does not work the same.

I have to remember to bolus at least thirty minutes before a meal….that sucks!  I was so used to bolusing as I sat down to eat that the first week on the Novolin I was consistently skyrocketing before my bolus would take effect and bring my sugars back down.  And treating highs is no longer the same.  When the insulin takes so long to work, you might as well leave the high alone until an hour before your next meal and then treat the high along with the bolus.

And now I only have five infusion sets left.  What will it be like if I have to use Novolin N for basal?

We have insurance now…just waiting for the cards to show up.

Please, Mr. Postman, hurry!