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Nothing much has been going on with my diabetes lately.  Well…I say nothing much, but I suppose that’s only because I have been trying my hardest to ignore it as I struggle to find a way to help my family survive our current economic crisis.  Who could have predicted that moving less than two hundred miles from home would force my husband to take such a drastic pay cut.  How do people survive on minimum wage?  My husband is making more than minimum wage, but with insurance and retirement benefits, he barely brings home enough to buy a week’s worth of groceries!  And with my freelance job always in flux….needless to say, things are tight around here these days.

Anyway…as I told you, I had to stop using Novolog for a while because I could not afford to buy it without insurance.  Well, that was sure a headache.  When you have a pump and get used to just dialing in what you need to cover a meal as you sit down, it is hard to remember that you have to do all that at least thirty minutes before you take that first bite.  Thirty minutes can be a long time, especially if you are a grazer like me and my kids tend to be.  We usually just open the refrigerator door and throw together what ever looks good.  And for me, with my growing stomach issues…it’s hard to predict so long before I eat what I will feel like eating once I sit down.  So frustrating.

Our insurance finally kicked in, so now I have my precious Novolog….thank goodness!!!  What a difference!  My numbers have finally come back to where they belong…not perfect, but not bad.

Keeping up with a supply of infusion sets is also a bit of a problem.  We have insurance now so I have ordered a full three months supply.  The only problem is, I have to pay my deductible before the insurance will pay anything.  That’s a thousand dollars out of a pocket that is still struggling to pay the electric bill and put groceries on the table.

Anyone need a good fiction writer out there?