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It sucks being diabetic…

I ordered new infusion sets on February 4.  They should be here today, a month later.

I expected delays regarding our new insurance.  Can’t avoid that sort of thing.  But it took them more than a week to get a new prescription signed from the doctor.  A week.  All they had to do was fax him a piece of paper, have him sign it, and fax it back.  That took a week.

Even after I emailed the doctor several times to alert him to the situation.

Now I know that most doctor’s offices are really busy.  I know that there are other patients with needs that are bigger than mine.  I know that I should be patient when it comes to bureaucracy.  But its really hard when I have to wear the few infusion sets I have left three to four to five times longer than recommended.  Did you know that if you are really careful, the tape on the infusion sets will actually last longer than that?  I didn’t.  Glad to know.  Unfortunately, absorption rates don’t last that long…

Having diabetes sucks.  Having to deal with pharmacies and doctor’s offices and durable medical supplies suck.

Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth the fight.

Oh….and on a side note:

I’m a freelance writer.  I was discussing a new job with a client just a few days ago.  He sent me an email outlining the format he wants me to use with the new assignment.  In this outline he writes:

‘For example, if the chapter is about how eating a lot of carbs can cause diabetes, the key takeaway simply states “Consuming excessive carbs increases the risk of diabetes.”‘

Don’t you love it?  Can’t get away from the misinformation and stereotypes even in my work….