I found this on a website where people are supposed to go and express their frustrations with diabetes:

Honestly, I hate that t1 vs t2 is a thing. Just stop.

First and foremost, though the two diseases have SIMILAR results, that doesn’t mean they’re identical. The parallels are fluctuating blood sugar and not responding to insulin normally. That’s where the parallels stop. Type 1 is fully insulin dependent, and our blood sugars fluctuate at rates that are much more extreme. Try going from 300 to 76 in 45 minutes, then talk to me. Type 2 have less extreme blood sugar fluctuations and their medication is less invasive (read: NO NEEDLES) 99% of the time.

Look, type 1 dislikes type 2 because first off, we are jealous that some of you have the ability to reverse your condition. That’s not even an option for us. However, we understand that not all type 2s can reverse their condition. Secondly, we are sick and tired of people going “…but you aren’t fat?” and “is that the worse one?” or making the normal joke along the lines of “Joey ate 12 chocolate bars. What does Joey have? Joey has diabetes.” Honestly, that last joke is the metaphorical icing on the cake for us. Type 1s didn’t do anything to cause their diabetes. I was a healthy 9 year old kid whose favorite thing to do was run and climb on monkey bars. I ate healthy food. Then BAM, diabetes and here I am ten years later. The majority of the population is type 2, and that’s the one that ends up getting all the attention because the whole being an obese country thing makes everyone talk about type 2 diabetes. No education on differentiating between the two kinds is really prevalent and having MOST of the public misinformed about your disease is REALLY freaking annoying.

Type 1 and type 2 are two DIFFERENT conditions with SIMILAR SYMPTOMS and each needs their own awareness. Just stop fighting, and acknowledge that shoving yourself full of needles every single damn day for the rest of your life really sucks, not having a normal pancreas sucks, and just THE WHOLE ORDEAL JUST SUCKS.

This has been a public service announcement. Stop fighting and realize that it sucks for all of us. Just because your situation isn’t as bad as someone else’s doesn’t negate that you’re still in a difficult situation. Diabetes is taxing: physically, mentally, and emotionally. We need to support each other because it’s still not exactly prevalent in the overall population. Love your body and love each other. Take care of yourself: physically, mentally, emotionally. Lift up others, because not only does it suck for you, it sucks for them, too.

I’m not sure how to take this.

I’m a type 2.

I’m fat.

I can’t reverse my diabetes. I’m not sure anyone can. I think diabetes can be treated to such a degree that the symptoms become minimal, but I don’t believe it just disappears.

I have stuck myself with needles all day, every day. And now I shove a two inch needle into my belly every three days to insert a pump infusion set.

But I also take those non-invasive pills that leave me with nausea and diarrhea almost each and every day.

No, this disease is not fun. Neither is being compared to the ‘victims’ of type 1 who have it so much harder than those of us with type 2. You don’t like being told, “But you’re not fat?”  How do you think it feels to have your diabetes educator look at you and say, “It’s people like you who give the rest of us a bad reputation.”

Not all type 2s are fat. Not all type 2s can be treated with just oral medications. Not all type 2s fit into a nice square hole with their nice square peg.

I’m not a typical type 2. I’m a diabetic.

How are we supposed to spread awareness to the general public if we can’t even figure things out for ourselves?