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How do you keep up with diabetes when your life begins to spin out of control?

There are so many things on my plate right now. As a freelance writer, I take as many jobs as I am offered in an attempt to pay the bills. There is never enough. And I never have enough time to finish everything. I feel like a rat in a maze…

Diabetes tends to take a backseat in my life. Which, I know, is not always a good thing. Like the fact that I had not checked my blood sugar all day yesterday and discovered it was lower than anticipated when I bolused for dinner. That could have been a serious problem hours later if I hadn’t caught it in time.

Priorities are something I try to focus on, and advise other people to focus on. The problem is, when you have so many things going on – such as a family to care for, bills that are overdue, and adult children who need constant advice and support – it is hard to remember that your own health should be a priority, too. I’m trying to remember that.

And trying not to feel guilty when I sometimes mess up.