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Have you ever reused any of your diabetic supplies?

Everyone reuses lancets. Even though the diabetes educator tells you to remove the lancet after the first use and replace it, and even though lancets are probably the cheapest thing we use as diabetics, everyone always reuses them. I think the one in my device right now has been there for at least three months. Probably time to change it.

Some people reused syringes. We’ve all seen those microscopic images of a used syringe that shows how the point is no longer straight, or is broken. But we reuse them anyway, whether it is out of convenience or to save a few bucks.

But what about other things?

Do you ever leave an infusion set in longer than recommended? Or reuse the reservoir on your pump? Have you ever replaced the battery in your pump with one that has been used before, or taken from another device?

Diabetes is expensive.

Sometimes life gets in the way of proper diabetes care, not only in the way we eat and the way in which we care for ourselves, but also in the money it requires to pay for doctor visits, diabetes supplies, or, simply, decent food.

Everyone has that moment when they have to decide between paying the plumber or paying an insurance co-pay for supplies. At least, I hope it’s not just me…

How do you deal with a lack of money or dwindling supply stores?