This week is Diabetes Blog Week. Although I participated last year, I don’t think I will this year.

Its hard to get motivated to participate in these things when there is so much going on that makes me feel like an outcast in this group of D-bloggers. Not that I ever wanted to be a part of a group, I just wanted to share my own frustrations with a condition that shapes everything I do. But reading the blog of someone I admire, someone who inspired me to ask my doctor about getting a pump, and then learn that she thinks people like me are less…simply because of a label.


Anyway. Had a low on Mother’s Day. I was driving home from town, it was my son’s birthday, so we bought milkshakes to celebrate. I checked my blood sugar before getting behind the wheel and it was okay–158. So I took a bolus before drinking the milkshake. We got home, put the groceries away (yes, we went grocery shopping on Mother’s Day) and sat down to complete some work. I had trouble focusing. Surprise, surprise….my blood sugar had plummeted to 59! And that’s after a milkshake….go figure.

That was my first low in several weeks.

Life with diabetes is never dull.