No one tells you about the itch that comes when your infusion set decides its done and wants to be removed. I always know it is time to change out an infusion set when the itch underneath becomes so intense that scratching the raw skin around it does nothing to relieve that bone deep itch that just begs to be scratched. Not even rubbing the top of the set helps (you know, pressing down on the little blue clip until you can feel the set rubbing against bare bone–or, in my case, bare fat!).

Others complain about tape that comes loose.

If only I had that problem. Then I could scratch that mind numbing itch!

If only I could afford to change out my infusion set each time the itch becomes a problem….

Most people dream of winning the lottery so that they can buy fancy houses, vintage cars, and take wild, extravagant trips around the world.

You know what I would do with lottery winnings?

Buy all the infusion sets Medtronic would sell me at one time. And get a CGM.

And then maybe a fancy house, trips around the world, and trust funds for my two youngest children and soon-to-be grandchild.

There’s a thought that will make you itch–I have a seven year old who still obsesses over Iron Man and my first grandchild is due to make an appearance in the world in a little over a month.

That’s what I get for starting so young and ending so late in life!!

Anyway…sorry about the randomness of the post. When I’m writing, my mind seems to work in very odd ways.