So it’s day 10 of the vegan diet.

Don’t mind me as I pat myself on the back for making it this far πŸ™‚

But really, this hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. I will admit, however, that I did have a little cheat the other day. My husband took the kids to the local hamburger place and brought back a vanilla milkshake for me….too much milk, too much sugar, but it sure tasted good.

An hour later, however, I surely regretted it.

Now I know. I’m a little sensitive to milk products.

It’s kind of funny. I always sort of suspected that I had a problem with gluten. I was a little worried about the wheat bread I’ve been baking to eat with my salads. But I haven’t had a bit of trouble with that. It was the milk all along.

So, now I know what caused a portion of my stomach ailments. However, still struggling a little with morning nausea. I would say its like morning sickness…but I never really had morning sickness with any of my pregnancies.

My numbers are pretty good. My carbs haven’t really changed with this diet, just the source, so there really hasn’t been an impact on my diabetes thus far. I have noticed a little less bloating the last few days…not that I had a lot, but what I did is better. And the swelling in my legs in the mornings is less, but still there.

It’s only been ten days. Looking forward to the next ten and see where that gets me.

And now…in the spirit of #showyourpump, I thought I would post a picture of my new insertion site for my infusion set…please ignore the messy bedroom and torn pjs πŸ™‚

Infusion Set