So, despite my last post, I am still on the vegan diet.

I’m not losing weight. My weight is pretty steady, as it has been for more than five years.

The swelling in my legs is much better. I still have a little pitting in the mornings, but nothing significant and it usually disappears after an hour or so of putting my legs up. There is still swelling under my eyes….one step at a time, I guess.

My stomach issues have reappeared. But they are not as bad as they were, so I’m taking that as a victory.

My diet has consisted mostly of salads and hot cereals and homemade wheat bread. And lots of fruit. I think its the fruit that makes this so much easier. And the bread. After a lifetime of eating a high carb diet, its a relief to be on an eating plan that is healthy, but still allows for all those textures and tastes that I am used to. I think that is why most diets fail. Because you miss out on the textures and tastes that have become an unconscious expectation at meal time leading to a sense of deprivation or punishment….or maybe its just a mental thing.

My glucose numbers continue to be steady, apparently completely unaffected by the diet. That’s not really a surprise since the number of carbs I am eating haven’t really changed. Just the source.

Anyway, this isn’t going to become a blog about diet. That was definitely never my intention. But I feel some obligation to report my progress since it makes me feel like it makes me accountable…I’ve never really had that in my diet attempts before. Not even when the doctor prescribed a diet since he never really believed I would follow it, either….