Have you ever had one of those days when nothing you do seems to be good enough?

I’m having one of those days.

My book released today and I spent half the day answering questions on the Facebook reader’s page. That was fun and went rather well…the only thing that did today.

My daughter’s One Direction concert is this weekend. As usual, I am scrabbling to get enough of my work done so that I will have cash to take with us and I don’t have a bunch of work waiting for me when I get home. That’s not going so well. Who would have thought that writing 40k words in two days would be so hard?

And diabetes. Why is it that every time I don’t have the time to spend worrying about diabetes and my out of whack numbers, that’s the day my numbers decide to be out of whack?


I hate diabetes.

On an interesting note, at least to me, I’ve tried another new infusion site location:


I’ve never had one this low down on my thigh before. I’ve done it on my hip, to mixed results. But this seems to be working alright except for the whole wearing a nightgown at bedtime thing….it’s all give and take with diabetes….