Back to diabetes…as though I could ever move away from it…

Went to the eye doctor yesterday. Finally. Was incredibly relieved to learn that there is no sign of retinopathy in my eyes. Yeah! There are signs of cataracts in both eyes, but it is pretty minor at this point, so the doctor said it was nothing to really worry about. My prescription has changed…my astigmatism seems to be getting better. Doctor says that is likely the diabetes. Amazing to think diabetes might be doing something good for my vision….

So, did you know that if you want to lose weight, you should eat more salads? Who would have thunk?

Funny….I’ve been eating a salad a day since beginning this diet. Yet, no weight loss.

My son was given a greeting card yesterday by a woman who came by his home to pray with he and his wife over their loss. When she gave them the card, she said she wanted to do something for them, but didn’t know what, so she put a little something in the card. My son and his wife thought it would be a $20 bill or something similar. Turned out to be $1000.

It cost them $520 to bury their daughter…thanks in large part to the funeral home that covered everything but the cemetery charges. That doesn’t include the headstone….as a young couple struggling in an oil boom economy, that was a fortune. Now they have the money back and can use it for something more positive.

There really are good people in the world still….

I feel so lost. Wish there was something I could do for them.

My daughter started school this week. She’s a sophomore now–or a sophisticated moron, as one of her teachers likes to call her. She struggled last year, but seems to be doing well this year. I hope she continues to do well.

We went to see One Direction. It was amazing. What a way to reaffirm life and love than to do something so awesome with someone you love. It was a joy just to watch my daughter’s face as she finally got to live a dream she has had for four long years.

So…back to work today. So far behind, but somehow its hard to concentrate with all that has been going on. Work always seems so important–especially when I have a list of things that have to be turned in so I can pay bills or buy groceries–but it seems so inconsequential in light of all that we lost last week. But life goes on….