I’ve recently been told I am too blunt.

Not sure what that has to do with diabetes, but it felt like it needed to be said. I can be too blunt, too honest, bordering on rude. And I seem to focus more on the negative than I probably should.

So, when I read things like a recent post on a diabetes message board where a young woman has chosen against the life altering aspects of an insulin pump because it might cause a lump in her clothing…don’t expect me to be nice about it.

Maybe I can’t sympathize with stuff like that because I am a fat woman who has a lot of lumps already. Or maybe because I am one of those people who wears her insulin pump out where the whole world can see it just tempting someone–anyone–to say something. (Which they don’t, of course. My husband thinks its because they assume I have cancer or some other horrible disease…) Or maybe I’m just a blunt person who thinks that modern society worries more about the way they look than the medical device that could help prevent future complications by keeping blood sugar at an even keel.

I can’t imagine choosing the way I look over my pump. The pump has changed the way I view diabetes. It has become less of a hide the needles under the table in case someone thinks I’m doing drugs thing into more of a let’s be spontaneous because I didn’t leave my insulin at home and its okay for me to have that lovely yeast roll.

But, then again, I suppose someone could argue that I don’t really put that much stock into my appearance, anyway. I’m always clean, my hair is always brushed, my clothes well laundered. But I don’t wear makeup. I don’t choose clothing based on anything more than how comfortable they are. I’m not trying to impress anyone with the falseness of my outward appearance. I figure if someone wants to know me, they should get to know who I am as a person, not how I look.

But that’s just me.

I’m in a place right now where stress from family and financial issues are just wearing me down. So, to me, it just seems very shallow to focus on anything other than how certain medical devices can help you live a better life with diabetes rather than how they make you appear to the opposite sex….life is too short.