This is totally not diabetes related…

We found out this weekend what likely caused my granddaughter to be stillborn. It seems my daughter-in-law contracted the human parvovirus at some point in her pregnancy. This likely caused the baby to become severely anemic. It might explain why she was so tiny at birth–just 4 lbs.

It’s a devastating thing. It should be a good answer, one that means they do not have to worry about it happening again if they choose to have more kids. But both my son and daughter-in-law are blaming themselves.

My daughter-in-law is a teacher. My son works in a hospital. Either of them could have picked it up at work. Or they could have come across it randomly. No one will ever know because they do not know when she had it as there were no obvious symptoms.

I just hope this closes a door and allows them to continue to heal.