This is the kind of stuff that just makes living with diabetes harder…..

Diabetes type II is progressive insulin resistance and eventual pancreatic fatigue/failure. The pancreas bravely attempts to communicate “Take this toxic substance, glucose out the blood!!!” while your muscles and fat cells disobediently says “I have had enough stored glucose thanks” and refuses or begrudgingly acceptance glucose with higher concentration of insulin.

WIth this understanding the treatment of DMII is simple, consume very little carbs, empty your glucose stores in your liver and muscles through high intensity aerobic exercise. Also to treat any other insulin resistance causes which are usually from systemic inflammation (Ie Rheumatoid arthritis) or high cortisol levels (being stressed). These latter points can be more difficult to treat but is usually of lesser importance.

Diabetes is not a disease (its complications are), diabetes is simply a failure to send the correct message to your metabolism (that is we are persistently asking our physiology to prepare for winter). Diabetes is curable and its time we sent our metabolism the right message.

If anyone wants the advice of a medical physician who has studied biochemist/immunologist and has a different perspective of diabetes…….

Is this why we go to message boards? To be bombarded with stuff like this?

At least I wasn’t the only one who saw it as the bull**** it is……