In March, there is going to be a Diabetes UnConference in Las Vegas…it’s a peer to peer conference for people with diabetes.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and The Diabetes Collective, Inc., a Florida not for profit corporation, we are able to offer a number of scholarships to The Diabetes UnConference.

It appears that I am one of the lucky people to have won a scholarship to this Un-Conference.

I have to tell you, I am extremely nervous. I have never been to a conference of any kind…and to have to go alone….

But I’m also excited. It’ll be great to meet other people with diabetes. The only other person with diabetes I have ever known was a childhood friend of my sons…he was eleven or twelve when he was diagnosed and he, his mother, and his family was struggling with the whole ordeal up until the time my son and this boy stopped being friends…so it was not so much a mutual support relationship as it was a source of angst for everyone.

Meeting adults with diabetes should be an informative experience…

I hope to learn a lot from this experience. I hope to meet people I have more than just a label in common with. I hope this experience will smooth the edges of my emotions in regards to not only diabetes, but to the whole DOC pigeon holing thing…I hope I will discover that there are people out there who get it, who get me, and who are willing to be angry, happy, sad, excited, and frustrated with me….

I’ll keep you updated, dear reader…