Next week is the Diabetes Unconference. I have to admit I am quite nervous about attending….

It has been an eventful few weeks. Beside getting ready for the conference, I managed to end up in the emergency room not once, but twice, in four days. On Valentine’s Day–yes, the most romantic day of the year–I was helping my husband trim a tree in our backyard and, while worrying over him cutting off a hand or foot with the chain saw, I managed to slice my finger open against the sharp metal of the carport roof. So…we spent the evening in the ER where I got 12 stitches. And, of course, it couldn’t just heal like a normal wound. It is now infected and I am on some pretty nasty antibiotics trying to get it under control.

Then, on February 18–which just happens to be my birthday–we were on our way to dinner when I gracefully stepped wrong off the front porch and sprained my foot pretty good. No break, thank goodness. But sore enough that I’ve been off my feet for the last few weeks–not great for that ever present need to exercise for blood sugar control.

I guess flying to Vegas should be something of a vacation. But, here’s the thing: I’ve never flown all by myself. I’ve never gone on a vacation by myself. I’ve never had to deal with other people all by myself.

As some of you might have guessed, I am something of a recluse thanks to my work as a freelance writer/editor. I don’t go out of my way to talk to other people in real life. In fact, it has been a long time since I’ve put myself in a position that I had to interact with strangers–either than the usual grocery store clerks and waiters–and never without my husband or my children around me. Therefore, this conference is going to be quite an ordeal for me.

To add to that–I’m flying Southwest. Southwest is one of those airlines that often forces random fat people to buy an extra ticket on their flights. I’m not exactly skinny–at 245 pounds, I could quite possibly fall onto their fat detecting radar. What do I do if I get to Vegas just fine, but they won’t let me fly home? I’m going to this thing thanks to a scholarship–I can’t afford to buy another ticket.

I might just be walking the 917 miles home…..