A select group of the blogs I follow have done this lists of fours meme as a sort of break from the usual diabetes related stuff. And I thought it would be nice to actually do something fun on here that might take my mind–and, hopefully, yours–off all my health, financial, and diabetes oriented thoughts. So….enjoy!

1. Four names people call me other than my real name.

  1. Mom
  2. Mom
  3. Mom
  4. Mom (I have four kids and no nicknames….)

2. Four Jobs I’ve Had

  1. Fast food–cashier, cook, prep
  2. Secretary
  3. Summary and analysis writer
  4. Freelance ghostwriter/editor

3. Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once

  1. Grease
  2. Dirty Dancing
  3. Ghost
  4. Speed

4. Four Books I’d Recommend

  1. If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon
  2. The Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz
  3. The Stand by Stephen King
  4. The Welsh Princes Trilogy by Sharon Kay Penman

5. Four Places I’ve Lived

  1. California–San Jose (birthplace), Corona, and Pittsburg
  2. Virden, Illinois
  3. Denton, Texas
  4. Odessa, Texas

6. Four Places I’ve Visited

  1. Hannibal, Missouri
  2. Houston, Texas
  3. Medford, Oregon (For my son’s wedding)
  4. Los Angeles, California

7. Four Things I Prefer Not To Eat

  1. Liver
  2. Asparagus
  3. Lentils
  4. Cheese (just recently realized I have a lactos intolerance problem…)

8. Four Of My Favorite Foods

  1. Mexican food (meat/dairy free when possible)
  2. Barbecue (meat free when possible)
  3. Veggies of all kinds (I even like brussels sprouts now!)
  4. Candy of all kind (though not so much lately as I am trying to cut down on sugar these days)

9. Four TV Shows I Watch

  1. The Good Wife
  2. Forever
  3. Longmire
  4. Walking Dead

10. Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year

  1. Getting established with a new endo
  2. Finding the time for my own writing–and maybe sending a completed manuscript to a potential agent
  3. Spending time with my kids
  4. Potentially finding a way to get my financial fiasco–uh, budget–under control (can you really call it a budget when its all outgoing, no incoming?)

11. Four Things I am Always Saying

  1. I’m always tired
  2. Don’t hardly think so
  3. Girly girl (in reference to my lovely daughter who just turned 16)
  4. Not right now, I’ve gotta work

A little boring compared to others I’ve read…but there you go.