Here I go again, pulling things off the internet and commenting on them…oh, well….

Have you heard about Dr. Peter Attia’s talk at TED?


I had a doctor–several, actually–who had the same attitude he admits to having at the beginning of the talk. One even had her own experience with diabetes. My family physician–the one who told me I would only get fat again if she started me on insulin, not concerned, of course, that I had lost 70 lbs without trying after 20 years of trying, and failing, to lose weight–had gestational diabetes while pregnant with her youngest child. She felt that since she was able to control it without any type of medication, everyone should.

When did it become okay for doctors to blame the patient?

Did fat shaming by doctors ever really work?

I want to think that this guy grew a heart and that he might be a driving force behind a better understanding of obesity and diabetes…but…

Is it cynical of me to think that his solution is just the same thing other diet gurus have been throwing at us for the past 15 or so years?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that he changed his attitude toward his patient. More doctors need to do that. More doctors need to understand that there is more at work in the diabetic body than the obvious…and to understand that no matter how hard you try, it is incredibly difficult to lose weight while you are injecting 40, 60, 100, 160 units of the fat storing hormone insulin into your body on a daily basis just to live…

We are not non-compliant. We just can’t always be perfect.


Did I mention the comments at the bottom of this video?

Whilst the world is looking for solutions, I would argue that the sufferer has to do what is practical. To me that is reducing carb intake and if you are T1 or on insulin or sulphonylureas, that means reducing insulin & meds to compensate.

What does this mean, exactly?

Reduce carbs, reduce insulin.


Does this commenter think we haven’t thought of that already?

A low carb diet does not work for everyone. That, my dear commenter, might be practical for you, but it didn’t work for me.


That said … some have lived less than perfect lives.

I’d surely like to meet the one person in this country who has never had a McDonald’s hamburger, who has never tasted mom’s apple pie, who never sat on the couch to binge watch The Walking Dead instead of working out in the yard or going for a walk.

I would guess that person is sad, lonely, and stressed. And probably still at risk for some chronic disease.

And all this, my dear readers, appears on the same website that recommends you have sex instead of eating your dinner (which actually sounds like fun) or eating with your non-dominate hand (which would be comical, but not fun to clean up) because that would make it so much easier to lose weight….God bless freedom of speech!