This has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes.

I know diabetes sometimes has an impact on a woman’s fertility. I am wondering if there is anyone out there–who might read my blog or is a friend of someone who reads this blog–who might advice me on what to do about Mother’s Day for my dear, grieving daughter-in-law.

Those who read this blog know that my son and his wife had a baby, Anna, last August and that she was stillborn. As Mother’s Day approaches, which happens to fall on my son’s birthday (yes, Anna’s father), I find myself struggling with how to handle it. I have reassured both my daughter-in-law and my son over and over since this tragedy occurred that they are still parents despite their horrible loss. And they are. But how does one go about celebrating a day like Mother’s Day when the loss is still so fresh? Should I get her a card and flowers, should I be more subtle and just send a nice email with a poem or something, or do I not do anything at all?

I’ve never experienced a loss like this and don’t really know anyone else who has. Any advice someone could give would be greatly appreciated.

I love my kids. I don’t want to be a source of added pain to them….