My husband separated from his job–a very complicated situation that I won’t go into here–and we lost our health insurance as a result. I freelance, and I make enough money to pay the majority of our bills, so financially it won’t have a huge impact for a month or more. But losing the health insurance is devastating, especially with diabetes.

So, as a responsible adult, I went on the Health website and learned that we could apply for coverage–with a tax credit to help with premiums–despite the fact that the yearly deadline had passed. I spent more than an hour of my day, time I could have spent working and earning some money, filling out the application. And we were approved for a tax credit of $240 a month (I think), or there abouts, and adviced to buy health insurance separately (for just me and my husband as our financial situation, unfortunately, is dire enough that our two minor children qualify for Medicaid). I looked over the plans, chose two that would work: a bronze for him and platinum for me.

Imagine my shock when I realized that, even after the tax credit, it would cost us $1000 a month for the two plans.

$1000 a month.

I only make $2000 a month. (Well, maybe closer to $3000, but still!)

How am I supposed to feed my kids, pay my bills, and keep my family afloat on half my monthly income?

And the government wonders why most people elected to pay the penalty last year rather than buy health insurance through their program, or some other program.

Who can afford to spend half–or even a third–of their income on health insurance?

When my husband was working, half his paycheck went to the insurance premiums, and that was only $500 a month.

My husband, essentially, works so we can have health insurance.

Am I the only one who thinks this is insane?